What is the Kouei-Ryo(Kouei dormitory)?

The Kouei dormitory is attached to the KKNS Kouei campus, and is available to those who wish to stay. The Kouei dormitory is open to guests for however long they wish to stay. It was inspired by the story of a truant girl joining a KKNS camp, and regained her strength to overcome her problems.

In 2000, KKNS started the Kouei dormitory for truant children and youth. It has accepted more than 80 students. The project is now available to those interested in agriculture and living with nature.

Characteristics of the Kouei dormitory

The principle behind the Kouei dormitory is "creative living". Residents stay together at the dormitory and helping each other on a daily basis. The residents will spend everyday surrounded by the natural beauty of Kurikoma kougen.

Residents develop their personal spirituality and sensibility through their various experiences in the dormitory. Our staff members support the residents 24 hours a day and guide them through the "study-through-experience method" and "adventure education", while still respecting their individuality.

"Study-through-experience method"

Through their evaluation and discussion of what they experience, residents become aware of their "issues" and utilize their experience to plan their next step. This is something completely different from what they would learn inside the classroom from textbooks.

The Kouei dormitory has no curriculum or timetable. Residents learn how to live creatively and cooperate with others through living together and through their experiences in the Kouei dormitory.

"Adventure Education"

The principle behind adventurous education is that even if there are no guaranteed results, there is always something new to be learned from spontaneous actions. We recognize that many young people are facing problems such as not being able to take action. We tackle these problems through "adventure education" and address their problems hand-in-hand. All of the residents who have gone through the 'adventure education' method have gained a sense of autonomy and assertiveness.